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Tooth extraction services available at Dentistry at Golden Ridge

There are times when the removal of a natural, permanent tooth is necessary. Certain dental issues or problems, such as injury, may warrant the removal of one or more teeth. Golden, Colorado, area patients can work with Dr. Jamie Richard and her team to learn more about the types of teeth surgery performed at her office.

What types of tooth extraction are available at Dentistry at Golden Ridge?

Dr. Richard and her team offer several types of tooth extractions for patients, including:

  • Emergency tooth extraction. This procedure is done when a tooth has become damaged due to an accident or injury and needs to be removed quickly to avoid infection.
  • Simple extraction. This is the most common type of extraction, where the tooth is gently loosened with dental instruments and then carefully extracted from its socket.
  • Surgical extraction. This method is used when a tooth cannot be easily removed by simple extraction, such as if the tooth is broken or impacted. During this procedure, small incisions are made in the gum tissue to gain access to the tooth and remove it.
  • Wisdom teeth extractions. This extraction is often done to prevent overcrowding in the mouth from the eruption of the third molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth.

Why choose Dentistry at Golden Ridge?

At Dentistry at Golden Ridge, our team has the experience and expertise to safely perform all tooth extractions in a comfortable and caring environment. We are committed to providing high-quality dental care and helping our patients maintain oral health for years to come! We also use today’s amazing technology for the diagnosis and treatment of common dental concerns, including the planning of tooth removal.

How much does tooth extraction cost?

The cost of extracting a permanent tooth varies depending on the type of extraction performed. In many instances, patients may have coverage from their dental insurance plan that can reduce or eliminate the cost of extractions. Our team can help you learn more about what your plan offers and how it can make treatments like this more affordable.

Call Dentistry at Golden Ridge today!

Dr. Jamie Richard and her team in Golden, CO, work with patients to help them fully understand the treatments they need for a healthier smile. If you are considering extraction or need to have one or more teeth removed, call the office at (303) 951-8515 to request a consultation visit and initial evaluation to learn more.