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Golden Ridge Care Plan

A yearly preventative care plan for optimal dental health

We are invested in our patients’ oral health! This plan was put in place for our patients without dental insurance, to provide an affordable means of optimal preventative dental care.

Traditional Adult Plan:

  • 2 annual exams and routine x-rays
  • 2 routine cleanings 
  • 2 Yearly fluoride treatments OR two whitening tubes once yearly
  • 15% off any treatment needed  
  • Total cost $375.00 

Pediatric Plan (age 13 and under):

  • 2 annual exams and routine x-rays
  • 2 cleanings
  • 2 Yearly fluoride treatments 
  • 15% off any treatment needed
  • Total cost $325.00


*Yearly plan; no rollover treatment beyond 12 months