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The benefits of digital dental x-rays

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The team at Dentistry at Golden Ridge understands that technology is constantly changing to make dental care more efficient and comfortable for patients. That’s why we use digital dental x-rays. Dr. Jamie Richard and her team in Golden, Colorado, have continually reinvested into the practice to ensure the most advanced solutions regarding digital dental imaging and digital radiography in dentistry. With panoramic digital x-rays, patients can guarantee precise and accurate diagnosis and treatment of common dental issues.

What are digital dental x-rays, and what are their benefits?

Digital dental x-rays are a unique type of imaging technology used in dentistry. This allows our dental team to see an image of the teeth, soft tissues, nerves, and bones that can be difficult to detect with the naked eye. The images are also stored electronically, making them easy to review or share with other healthcare providers if needed.

Digital dental x-rays use much less radiation than traditional film x-rays, so they’re safer for both patients and staff members. Also, since digital images appear almost immediately on screen after being taken, there’s no waiting time between taking the x-ray and being able to review it.

How do Dr. Jamie Richard and her team use digital x-rays in the office?

At Dentistry at Golden Ridge, we use digital dental x-rays for a variety of procedures. These include:

Digital dental x-rays are also crucial for pinpointing areas of damage caused by tooth decay, gum disease, or infection that may not be visible with a visual exam alone. This makes it a great way of evaluating the smile and getting the answers needed to provide the most effective treatment possible.

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