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Intraoral Cameras
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How intraoral cameras can improve your experience at the dental office

At Dentistry at Golden Ridge, Dr. Jamie Richard of Golden, Colorado, is excited to integrate intraoral dental cameras into her practice. Intraoral cameras are small devices that fit comfortably inside the patient’s mouth and allow Dr. Richard to take a close-up view of any area of concern within the patient’s mouth. With an intraoral camera, our team can observe areas that may otherwise be difficult to see with the naked eye. This helps her diagnose issues more quickly and accurately than ever before.

What are the benefits of intraoral cameras?

The images taken with a dental digital camera are much more detailed and accurate than traditional x-rays or photographs. They give Dr. Richard and her team at Dentistry at Golden Ridge a better understanding of what is going on in your mouth without having to perform physical exams or additional invasive procedures. In addition, the high-resolution images provided by an intraoral camera make it easier for patients to understand what is wrong with their teeth. The photos are also helpful for insurance companies, as they can provide a better understanding of the patient’s condition and any treatments that may be necessary.

In addition to providing more detailed images, intraoral cameras help reduce radiation exposure associated with traditional dental x-rays. By taking high-resolution pictures of the inside of the mouth, Dr. Richard can avoid having to routinely order x-rays on all patients unless absolutely necessary. This helps ensure patients get the treatment they need while limiting their exposure to potentially harmful radiation.

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At Dentistry at Golden Ridge, we strive to provide our patients with the best possible care, which is why we have chosen to integrate an intraoral camera into our practice. With this technology, Dr. Jamie Richard and her team can provide more accurate diagnoses and treatments for all their patients. If you have questions about our intraoral cameras or want to make an appointment with Dr. Jamie Richard at Dentistry at Golden Ridge, please do not hesitate to contact our facility. Call us at (303) 951-8515 to request an appointment at our office at 755 Heritage Road, Suite #120, in Golden, CO.