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Routine Exam & Cleanings
Routine Exam & Cleanings
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Maintain the health and beauty of your smile with routine dental examinations and cleanings

Dr. Jamie Richard and her team at Dentistry at Golden Ridge in Golden, Colorado, recommend that patients regularly visit for routine dental examinations and cleanings. But what happens during these appointments? How often should you go? Continue reading to learn more about preventative dentistry solutions available at our practice.

What can I expect during my dental examination and cleaning?

  • New Patient Initial Appointment. Our team will take great care of you, starting with your initial visit. We are extremely thorough, and schedule 2 hours for your initial appointment. One hour of that will be with Dr. Jamie Richard and her dental assistant, then you will see our dental hygienist for a one hour hygiene visit. In the absence of gum disease, we will get your teeth cleaned that same day. 
  • Evaluation. Dr. Jamie Richard will examine your mouth visually, with xrays and photographs, and with an instrument called an intraoral camera. This small camera allows her to see areas of your teeth and gums that may be difficult to observe, such as the backs of your front teeth and those at the very back of your mouth. An intraoral camera is a versatile tool because it can also magnify objects up to 30 times their normal size
  • Cleaning. Your tooth surfaces will be cleaned using a tool called an ultrasonic scaler. The vibrations from this device loosen plaque and tartar, which the dentist or hygienist can then remove. If you have stubborn tartar buildup, your dental hygienist may use a hand scaler to remove it. You will rinse with water or mouthwash to remove any debris from the cleaning process. Depending on your oral health needs and goals, your provider may also clean teeth below your gum line with special instruments
  • Oral cancer screening. In addition to the routine dental examination and cleaning, our team will also provide an oral cancer screening to look for the signs of problems early on

How often should I visit for a dental examination and cleaning?

Dental examinations are conducted every six months to monitor conditions like tooth decay and periodontal disease. If this condition is spotted during a periodontal exam, we may recommend a specific type of deep cleaning of the teeth to remove plaque and tartar from the smile.  

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Dr. Jamie Richard and her team at Dentistry at Golden Ridge in Golden, CO, are here to help families achieve and maintain proper oral health and wellness with routine dental examinations and cleanings. Call (303) 951-8515 to request a consultation visit with our team.